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London is my second home!

I would like to share impressions about my educational tour to London. It’s an incredible, unforgettable tour! I fell in love with this city!

I’ll speak about everything in a proper order. My education took place in the Oxford House College. Immediately I would like to thank the OSEC Group that they have sent me to this very place. I can say that I have never regretted that I attended training just at this spot. This school had the incredibly friendly atmosphere. There was excellent teaching personnel and wonderful training program there. At each lesson we have been opening up something new for us. Many lessons were carried out as a game; the thing that I have remembered the most was the detective play “Catch a thief”, where by means of verbal communication we had to find out who knocked over the bank. As to the teaching personnel, I can say the following: they are very interesting people, well-informed, and, most importantly, able to teach in a competent and accessible way. It was a great pity to part with them.

I stopped at the students’ residence James Lighthill Residence. I was greatly surprised by its location, because it took me 15-20 minutes to get to the school. I lived in a single room with all conveniences. I would like to say that the rooms were, unfortunately, small, but comfortable. We had a common kitchen, equipped with all the necessary utensils, and every evening we all gathered, as good friends, and went to make supper. It was very nice because I had additional communication practice and spent an excellent time. But the most important thing was that I got acquainted with an Italian girl named Sarah, with whom we simply found each other! I was terribly glad to find such a person who fully shared my views! Together with her we “climbed around” the whole London in the truest sense of the word! Not simply we went to various excursions, but namely we “have climbed over the city”. There is not a place left that we didn’t visit with her! We looked for the most interesting places of London in the Internet and different magazines. We found plenty of restaurants where we could have a snack at a low price, as well as bars where we could taste wines. We were always looking for something new. These are just tremendous impressions!

London gave me unforgettable moments to remember! It’s interesting that the way of life in London is very similar to the one in Moscow. People and atmosphere was so familiar and dear to our hearts that I more often caught myself thinking that London was my second home! This is a magic city, bringing people together and changing fates.

I’m extremely grateful to the OSEC Group team that they organized this training course for me and gave me a lot of positive impressions and emotions to remember!

Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Anastasia Butenko

In the world there are a lot of mysteries and truths that we are trying to unravel and understand. We are endlessly looking for answers in books and encyclopedias. But in reality everything is much easier, you just need to look around and every day will become interesting and unforgettable!

I’m grateful to the personnel of OSEC Group / Oxford City School for the kindness and concern, a pleasant atmosphere during classes of Spanish.
Many thanks to the teacher of Spanish Natalya, an amazing person and a great teacher.

I hope for further cooperation in the future!
Best regards,
Irina Yurina

Dear Anna Evgenyevna!
We express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to you for the effective cooperation in the following spheres:

  • Teaching English to our employees, including top and medium-level managers;
  • Translation of internal documents (contracts, texts for the site, etc.);
  • Consulting our experts on issues relating to foreign languages (with regard to business correspondence, work with foreign clients and contractors).

during the period from October, 2009 to September, 2012.
We believe in the preservation of the established business and friendly relationships and hope for further mutually advantageous cooperation.
We wish you successful development and reaching new heights in business.

Best regards,
Director General of MES-Expo LLC
Dmitry Vasilyevich Zubko

Dmitry Zubko, Director General of MES-Expo LLC
Darya Balashova. London, Great Britain. Summer, 2012

Darya, you have visited London for the purpose of practical study, what are your impressions?
I am very pleased! It is a fabulous, unique city, impressing you with its incredible architecture. It literally smells of the centuries-old history.

Where did you live during your stay in London, how were you greeted?
I was greeted very friendly and hospitably. I stayed with a lovely woman Joyce in her cozy flat. I was impressed by the atmosphere in this house, I was accepted as a member of the family. The hostess is a very pleasant and positive woman. Every evening we drank tea together and talked about how we had spent the day.

Did you get on well with other family members, or you had some differences?
Not at all. I made friends with Joyce’s daughter, we often played games and taught each other something new. In the evening we watched films.

Darya, did you go sightseeing? Share your feelings with us.
I visited so many wonderful places, it is an incredible feeling, as if you go back a few centuries ago, sinking into the epoch of that time. Of all places I had visited, I really liked the Sherlock Holmes Museum, since my childhood I wanted to go there, because I am in love with this character.

And, of course, we would like to know about the college. How did you like the study, did you learn many new things?
I studied in a wonderful place with an excellent educational programme. It is an invaluable experience for my future study and career. In the college I got acquainted with people from different countries. Every evening we met near Oxford Circle station and spent time together, talking to each other about our native country and interests. I learned a lot of new things.

What can you say about the teaching staff, they say that the most talented teachers work in colleges of England, don’t they?
I can say with 100% certainty that it is so. Teachers are not only highly qualified professionals, but also wonderful, understanding people, many of them are my congenial souls. For example, we had a teacher whom we called Rock Man. He has his own rock band, and he rides a bike. :)
During the last week I felt that I didn’t want to leave, we became very close friends, and I got used to the life in London.

Darya, thank you for sharing your impressions and telling us about one of the most magnificent cities of Albion.

I want to thank you for the wonderful teacher you have found for Timur.
He attends classes with interest, they get on well with each other, and they even arranged a croissant competition between themselves. For this Saturday Timur will bake croissants at home and take them to the classes. And the most important thing – Timur speaks! He doesn’t speak much yet, but with genuine pleasure. Thank you.Best regards,Anastasia Nechaeva
November 29, 2012
(Object language – French, teacher – a native speaker)

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