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School of Foreign Languages. OxfordCity School.

OxfordCity School is an opportunity to learn English, German, French, Spanish and many other languages individually and in small groups with maximum efficiency based on author programmes and author training materials.

English language courses in Moscow. OSEC Group.

Individual approach to each client, personal training schedule – you can attend classes at your convenience.

We offer our clients a vast selection of English language training programmes for all levels and ages, as well as select the appropriate English language courses: general, business, conversational, intensive programmes, we also train for international exams and so on.
Learning English at OxfordCity School will allow you to communicate freely during travels abroad, with foreign friends, clients and business partners, to read fresh morning press, professional literature, to carry on business correspondence and negotiations. Learning English will allow you to visit all the countries which you have dreamt of for a long time, to extend boundaries. You will see that the modern world is full of fabulous surprises and it is open for you.
OxfordCity School has a unique experience in teaching English. Classes are held in comfortable, special technically equipped rooms. Our teachers are graduates of the best Russian and foreign educational institutions (including the University of Oxford), teachers with wide experience, who are above all characterized by love for their work and respect for you. We are continually developing our own educational programmes, improving the quality of training and effectiveness of learning English.
We appreciate your time, your preferences and priorities.

Study abroad. OSEC Group Education Consulting.

OSEC Group Education Consulting helps you to get education in many countries of the world.
We offer various training programmes in the best schools, colleges and universities of Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. You can take courses in English and other foreign languages, get secondary, higher, postgraduate, vocational education, take a degree of MBA.
We supervise the entire process from beginning to end and take responsibility for each client. Study abroad, particularly learning English abroad is an investment in your future, an unforgettable experience and the right step on the way towards the achievement of the desired goal.
Don’t miss a minute! Achieve all you want to be!

Corporate training. OSEC Group Business to Business.

OSEC Group Company is engaged in training employees and top managers of Russian and international companies, offering English language courses, as well as courses in other foreign languages. The company’s specialists teach how to carry on business correspondence, negotiations, presentations of the company or a project in the main popular languages. Teaching Business English is organized in an interesting way, real business situations are simulated in class.

School of Business English will provide you with both basic and specialized knowledge (with emphasis on vocabulary) based on standard and specialized programmes, qualified teachers-trainers, permanent quality control and a personal manager, who will present a report on students’ performance immediately upon request.

OSEC Group team quickly and efficiently provides a translation of contracts, certificates and other documents. We offer consultations on any matters relating to foreign languages (advertising copies for mass media, internal and outside audience, advertising slogans and taglines, name of products).

We, OSEC Group Company, cultivate an individual approach to each client, it is a great honour for us to have trust-based relationships with you. Thank you for choosing us!

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